Location ultimately creates the world we escape when watching a movie. Your filming location can make – or break – your project. Capture the raw energy and emotions of your film with scenes set on locations that reverberate the serenity of nature, the hustle and bustle of New York City and the inspiring, artistic character of our historic properties.

Shandelee Lake Inn, located in the Catskills Mountains, is located just a few miles from where the original Woodstock occurred.

Edgewater Hall, a historic building with several floors of beautiful loft space that lends to a variety of filming possibilities for your production.

In addition to these two lovely properties, you’ll be given insight governing various unique and photogenic venues and spaces on Staten Island and upstate New York that will make your filming memorable. Whether you’re filming a romantic candlelight dinner, a classic murder scene in the woods or something even more whimsical and entertaining, you’re in expert hands.


Film crews work long hours on set to ensure production quality. Don’t let your film and cast go hungry while working hard on set. We can provide your production regularly¬†catered breakfast, lunch, dinner and other options for commercial shoots, television and/or photo shoots.


Leave no small detail behind when you’re crafting a scene. Use an assortment of chairs, tables, lighting and party furniture for your most important scenes. We can dress our furniture, tables and props up or down to meet the creative needs of your vision. We will even help you locate something you need that’s not immediately on hand, such as historic props or automobiles.


No matter how big or small your budget, it’s always nice to have extra help on hand in case things get a little hectic. We can coordinate and provide experienced production and film personnel for you to have on hand during your project.


If you need original music for your film project, we can provide music from a wide range of recording artists spanning various genres and styles.