Staten Island Catering for Photoshoots, Video and Film Productions

On Staten Island Film Locations, we are proud to partner with Chez Vous Caterers & Party Rentals. As a cornerstone in the tri-state area’s catering industry for 28 years, Chez Vous specializes in French, Italian, and continental cuisines. They cater to various dietary preferences, including vegan and vegetarian options, enhancing the production experience for our clients.

Customized Catering Solutions for Your Film Sets

Recognizing the demanding nature of film production, our partner Chez Vous offers tailored catering services to keep your crew and cast well-nourished and energized. Whether it’s for early morning shoots or late-night filming, a range of meal options including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are available for commercial shoots, television productions, and photo shoots.

Boxed Lunches for On-the-Go Convenience

For film productions requiring efficient meal solutions, Chez Vous provides a popular boxed lunch option. Ideal for busy film crews, these lunches offer nutritious and delicious choices, keeping your team fueled throughout the day without interrupting the shooting schedule.

Fresh, Quality Ingredients for Every Production

Quality is a hallmark of Chez Vous. Using only the freshest ingredients, every meal not only satisfies hunger but also supports the creative spirit of your production team. Be it a sit-down meal for your full crew or a quick bite between scenes, Chez Vous’s commitment to excellence is consistent.

Contact for Your Film Production Catering Needs

For catering solutions tailored to your film production’s needs, get in touch with us. We, along with Chez Vous, will ensure that your crew and cast are well taken care of with a customized catering plan that aligns with your production schedule and dietary requirements.

Contact Us for Your Film Production Catering Needs: Call (347) 723-1825