703 Bay Street

703 Bay Street: Contemporary Space for Film and Photo Shoots

Just steps away from Edgewater Hall, 703 Bay Street stands as a contemporary and versatile venue, perfect for a variety of film and photo shoots. With its split face block and steel construction, this location offers a unique blend of modern design and industrial aesthetics.

The venue features chocolate hardwood floors and cabinets, interior brick walls, and sidewalks that add a warm and textured backdrop to any scene. The use of a glass wall utilizes natural sunlight for heating, creating a bright and inviting space. Stainless steel kitchen appliances and a central sound system add to the modern feel, while the rooftop jacuzzi and open stairs with brushed steel railings provide unique filming opportunities.

Comprehensive Production Support at 703 Bay Street

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, 703 Bay Street, in partnership with nearby Edgewater Hall, offers comprehensive production support to ensure a seamless filming experience:

  • In-House Recording Studio: Access to our state-of-the-art recording studio for soundtrack production, voiceovers, and ADR work.
  • Catering by Chez Vous: On-site catering services provided by Chez Vous, offering a variety of cuisines to meet the dietary needs and preferences of your cast and crew.
  • Additional Amenities: Vehicle rentals for on-site film transportation and logistical support.

Gallery of 703 Bay Street

Take a Virtual Tour of 703 Bay Street

Explore the distinct spaces of 703 Bay Street with our virtual tours. From the stylish interiors to the rooftop views, each floor offers unique possibilities for your next production.

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor