James DeMonaco’s “Once Upon a Time in Staten Island” Shot at Edgewater Hall

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Staten Island native James DeMonaco teams up with Edgewater Hall, once again, for his newest drama “Once Upon a Time in Staten Island.”

DeMonaco’s film “Staten Island” shot at Amendment 18, formerly Dock Street, was released in 2009. The crime film features Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Seymour Cassel who star as three Staten Islanders who’s lives cross paths through a crime. The New York Times praised DeMonaco for his ability to succeed in “adroitly weaving violence, absurdity and sentiment, even an environmental consciousness, into a modest, appealing fable.”

“Once Upon a Time in Staten Island” is shot in Edgewater Hall at Amendment 18. IMDb describes the film as “a coming of age family drama set in the summer of 1982 on Staten Island, New York.” The drama stars Naomi Watts, Frank Grillo, and Bobby Cannavale. Method Man, a Park Hill native, is also featured in the film. Method Man, like DeMonaco, is a familiar face around Edgewater Hall, as his music video for “Straight Gutta” was filmed at the very same location.

“Once Upon a Time in Staten Island” is set to release in 2019, produced by Blumhouse Productions and Man in A Tree. As of December 2018 there has yet to be the release of an official trailer.