iNTeLL’s “Legacy Drip” Music Video Filmed High Above Bay Street

by | Music Videos shot on Staten Island

Staten Island has become a popular location for film and TV productions, with its unique blend of urban and suburban landscapes providing a diverse range of settings for filmmakers. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at one of the borough’s most iconic locations, Edgewater Hall, and how it was used in the music video for “Legacy Drip” by iNTeLL.

iNTeLL, the son of Wu-Tang Clan’s U-God and a member of 2nd Generation Wu, released “Legacy Drip” in 2020, featuring a music video directed by Sando Films. The video showcases iNTeLL’s rap skills against the stunning backdrop of the rooftops of Edgewater Hall and the residential building at 701 Bay Street.

Edgewater Hall, located at 691 Bay Street, is a historic event space that has been a popular filming location for movies, TV shows, and music videos. The venue’s rooftop provides panoramic views of the harbor and Manhattan skyline, making it a sought-after location for filmmakers. It has been used in productions ranging from The Bone Collector to Mob Wives.

In “Legacy Drip,” iNTeLL performs on the rooftop of Edgewater Hall, with Bay Street serving as a dramatic backdrop. The video captures the raw energy and intensity of iNTeLL’s lyrics, with the surrounding buildings providing a unique visual context. Later in the video, iNTeLL is seen on the rooftop of the residential building at 701 Bay Street, adding another layer of texture and visual interest.

What sets “Legacy Drip” apart is how it showcases the diversity of Staten Island’s film locations. From the historic and elegant Edgewater Hall to the modern and sleek architecture of the residential building, the video highlights the range of settings that Staten Island has to offer. For filmmakers looking for a unique and visually striking location, Staten Island’s diverse neighborhoods and landmarks offer plenty of options.

In conclusion, iNTeLL’s “Legacy Drip” music video is a powerful showcase of Staten Island’s unique film locations, particularly the stunning rooftops of Edgewater Hall and 701 Bay Street. With its range of settings and proximity to New York City, Staten Island continues to be a popular location for filmmakers and a great place to discover the diversity of film locations in the region.