Aquehonga Cinema Takes On Classic Movies

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Stepping into the film industry,  Aquehonga Cinema is helping to keep the culture of classic Staten Island films alive. Launching last month by filmmakers David Givens and Davis DiLillo, Aquehonga Cinema began with a screening of silent films. Through their efforts, this grants Staten Islanders the ability to enjoy fringe, independent classic films without having to leave their home borough.Working together, the pair aims to fill a void of the lack of independent films on the island. 



Launching Wednesday, March 26,2014  Deep Tanks Studio will host Aquehonga Cinema to help answer the questions of What is exactly is  film noir? What did a lack of funding have to do with the genre’s history? Accompanied  with a double screening, bridging together two films separated by nearly seven decades.

Directed by Aquehonga Cinema co-founder David Givens and produced locally.

‘DETOUR’ (1945)
Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer; the late, great, and verbose Roger Ebert called the movie “haunting and creepy, an embodiment of the guilty soul of film noir.” We agree and know you will, too.

Staten Island has a long history of acting. Tracing back in the late 1900s, shortly after prohibition, when the theatre and acting movement entered Stapleton, Staten Island. Vaudeville actor Maurice Barrymore appeared in local plays held in our very own Edgewater Hall. Well-known actor, Drew Barrymore is his great grand daughter.